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the right sound makes all the difference

High-quality recordings ~~~~~Your specifications~~~~~ Rapid turnaround time 

SHORT RECORDINGS (under 1000 words)


IVR, radio spots, whiteboard or video narration


$10 per 100 words includes editing, one revision request, and files delivered in any standard audio file format (MP3, AAC, WAV). 

Please note, there is no pre-approval sample process with short recordings.


LONG RECORDINGS (over 1000 words)


Large-scale projects:  audiobooks, training videos, documentaries, etc.  Time to complete these projects depends on the total word count, but typically is between 1-3 weeks.  

$25.00 per 1000 words* includes post-production editing and mastering by UK-based audio engineer SiLo Mixing and Mastering and a guarantee to meet ACX required specs for publication on Audible, Amazon, and iTunes.  


Prefer to book through a freelance platform?  This will incur nominal additional fees, but gives you an added layer of client security.   I'm available for booking through the following platforms:



*Please note that if you book me through a third-party platform, the Per Finished Hour rate is $200.  The industry average is 9000 words per finished hour.




For ongoing projects that require the same voice for consistency, branding, and continuity, like Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR) phone menus, or characters in animated series.


Time to complete these projects depends on the length of each script.  Includes editing and mastering, with files delivered in any standard audio file format.  


For long-term clients, I track the time and provide a monthly invoice, so you only pay for the time I work for you.  Request a quote to fit your budget!

Examples of IVR: 

Georgia Department of Natural Resources  1-800-366-2661

Florida Department of Natural Resources 1-855-779-5907

Iowa Department of Natural Resources 1-833-759-9797 

Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency 1-888-891-8972

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