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Amy Barron Smolinski

about me


I stepped on the stage when I was five years old, and I was instantly hooked.  I have spent my life learning everything I can about the world of theatre, the craft of acting, and the technical and creative skills needed to build a character, a story, and a work of art.  Along the way, I trained classically as a singer, learned to dance, and started practicing yoga.  I spent ten years working with and advocating for parents and families, raising the power of collective voices to bring about change at every level.  In every aspect of my personal and professional life, the common pillar has been the power of the voice and the breath as the foundation of every communication.  

I continue to have the privilege to explore and develop creatively through acting, directing and teaching.  Since February of 2022, I am pleased to serve as the Managing Artistic Director for KMC Onstage, the American theatre for the Kaiserslautern Military Community.  I bring all of these skills and experiences to my work as a voice artist.  My goal for each client is to create in my studio what you hear in your mind's ear--because the right sound makes all the difference.



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If you're looking for an exceptional, professional voice artist, Amy is perfect! Editing was superb and she can do different voices and emotions with her recording.

I want to thank you so much for being one of the most professional and prompt people I have ever had the pleasure to work with. I will be doing a lot more work with you and your team in the weeks to come. THANK YOU!


I have hired hundreds of folks over the past several years. Without hesitation, I can say that Amy is the best. Her dedication to the project was unparalleled. This project required a lot of self-management and discipline to complete it. She did so with flying colors. Professionally, her voice quality is unparalleled. This project required her to read 100 pieces of literature, each with a different tone, and each with varying levels of complexity. She nailed every single one. Some of her pieces caused members of my office to be emotionally moved by her performance. She has a smooth, clear, professional delivery that she can adapt to different situations. I cannot recommend Amy highly enough. She is simply outstanding.



Rob Ratterman

"Amy is awesome! And lightning fast! Will use her again. She may get snatched-up by Pixar or Disney."

Upwork Client

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